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A New Path to Spiritual Transcendence

WHAT IS ENLIGHTENISM? It is a breakthrough in Powers of Mind spirituality. This spiritual breakthrough was discovered after twenty years of work in the field of transcendent consciousness.

It is the consciousness of clarity and power. It is the power you need to transcend the toxic beliefs and values responsible for your powerlessness.

HOW DOES IT BENEFIT YOU? It provides you with the transcendent Powers of Mind to change the current conditions in your life.

It changes how you perceive yourself and others as powerless.

WHEN CAN YOU EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE? ENLIGHTENISM is now, and you experience it in the present moment.

WHEN DO YOU BEGIN THE ENLIGHTENISM PROCESS? You can experience this transcendent power in your life by registering for a Course-In-Enlightenism. Register today for an upcoming Course-In-Enlightenism, and claim this power for yourself.

The National BYE Society offers this illuminating discovery to those who desire to travel on the Powers of Mind path to enlightenment.


Our Philosophy

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Don't miss out on this great opportunity to improve your Powers of Mind!

You can join the Powers of Mind self-enlightenment revolution by registering for a  Powers of Mind class and by making a tax-deductible donation to the National BYE Society. Enroll now and begin the work to become a certificated Powers of Mind Practitioner. 

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Wake up your mind

NBS has adopted a social philosophy of enlightenment to work with individuals, groups, and organizations who are working to overcome the beliefs that condition individuals to accept themselves as powerless or as victims. The two key areas of this social philosophy are: Personal responsibility and Self-reliance.


Personal responsibility is the awareness individuals need to understand that they are responsible for their actions. And that they participate in all the choices — success and failure –that cause them to suffer from anger, poverty, illiteracy, deleterious addictions, self-hatred and so forth.

Powers of Mind on Awakening

Social Philosopher and author, Malcolm Kelly, presents the Powers of Mind for the National BYE Society on awakening our minds to overcome toxic beliefs and values.

Malcolm Kelly: Powers of Mind Hour

Join Malcolm as he shares how we may use Enlightenism as a holistic philosophy for a spiritually healthy life on this exciting new talk show.

News & Events

Join us for two special "Meet the Author" events featuring "Brother Malcolm" Kelly who will be discussing his new book "Enlightenism: 21st Century Solutions for Overcoming Pain". Events will begin promptly at 11am at the Elk Grove Library on April 21 and April 28

Meet the Author

The National BYE Society offers a series of Powers of Mind clsasses, workshops and seminars to be held throughout the year.

Visit Malcolm Kelly's Blog on Social Philosophy and Spiritual Ideals. Malcolm Kelly is a Social Philosopher and Spiritual Practitioner, who has authored several books on personal responsibility and self-reliance.

The National BYE Society is pleased to announce an exciting new talk show Malcolm Kelly: Powers of Mind Hour. Beginning in October, join Malcolm as he shares how we may use Enlightenism as a holistic philosophy for a spiritually healthy life.

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